Layered EMS Architecture

BT Italia


Business area
IT Consulting >Networking

Project amount
€ 1.500.000


BT Italia is the Italian subsidiary of BT Group, the British telecoms group formerly known as British Telecom.

BT Italia manages a customer base of approximately 80,000 companies and its own fibre optic network of over 17,000 km and four data centres in the Milan and Rome areas.

Among the Customer Support structures, worthy of note are those dedicated to particularly important customers such as the CNOC (Customer NOC), composed of two subgroups called Front Line (in direct contact with customers) and Back Line (the structure dedicated to complex activities).
Within the CNOC Back Line group, dedicated to FIAT and HITACHI, Nexsoft staff is responsible for:

  • providing support to the Front Line in the management of the most complex faults, which require in-depth expertise regarding the equipment involved, and the networks to which it is connected;
  • implementation of network modifications requested by the customer;
  • analysis of the projects both at a preventive level, where the design department decides to make use of dialogue with the CNOC, and at the level of commissioning in the last stages of delivery;
  • updating the project supporting documentation and specific management documents.